• Weight Loss

    We are proud to offer a variety of unique weight loss Las Vegas solutions that you are unlikely to find elsewhere. The Club Reduce Las Vegas program is uniquely effective, safe, and natural. Our specialized techniques, procedures, equipment, and natural food guides help send your weight loss routine into overdrive. The first thing that we do at our office is generate an individualized plan that is just right for you. This unique process involves using blood tests, saliva tests, and hair analysis we are able to determine which things in our program will be most beneficial for you.

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  • Body Wraps

    Our clinic employs some of the leading body wrap Las Vegas experts in the business. We offer a variety of different options that are each designed to complete a specific function. Although the idea behind their design has been around for a long time, actually body wraps are one of the newer tools in our arsenal. The results that we provide are unlike anything that we have seen before. It is typical for a patient to lose between four and fourteen inches on their waistline after an hour of treatment. The wrapping material is made from cellulose, which is an organic plant material which is completely harmless.

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  • Visit our Wellness Center

    When you call our wellness center Las Vegas, you will receive a personalized weight loss, fitness, and overall health plan to help speed you to your goals. Your health is important to us, and it is our primary mission to improve the wellbeing of our patients. We offer many innovative solutions that our patients are not likely to find elsewhere. There are a wide range of reasons that a person might want to lower their weight, or detoxify their bodies. Being overweight leads to many health consequences both in the short and long term. Heart disease is most commonly associated with people who are overweight
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What Our Clients Are Saying:

"I have lost over 50 pounds wince I started this program. I am so much happier about the way that I look and feel. I never would have expected to see these results before I started going to Dr. Dave. I truly thank him." Michael Angle
"Not only have I lost almost 20 pounds, I have experienced relief from my constant headaches and stomach aches. Words cannot describe how much better I feel. I am experiencing pain far less frequently during daily activities." Jill Morane


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